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Chapter COVID-19 Support


Your AUSA MAJ Samuel Woodfill Chapter is here to support you during these difficult times due to the pandemic causing economic strife.  We are offering Kroger gift cards to help offset expenses for anyone in need.
Conditions caused by a worldwide pandemic, and actions taken within the United States, and the states of our region have the potential to cause great economic dislocation in the short-term.  Our region includes many Reserve and Guard Soldiers who depend on their employment to support themselves and their families.  In addition, we recognize that chapter members and/or chapter area Veterans and their families may be experiencing the same.  Soldiers, chapter members, veterans, and their families, could suffer great adversity due to this unprecedented circumstance.
Primary means of support will be through a Kroger gift card, although other requests may be considered.  Any approved support cannot exceed $100.00.  The total chapter disbursement for the remainder of Calendar Year 2020 cannot exceed $5,000.00.  These limits were established by our Executive Committee on March 24, 2020.  The Executive Committee may reconsider and modify these limitations, by vote recorded by the secretary.
Here's how to request support:
For currently serving Soldiers, requests should be made via email at and include all required information.

  • Requests for support must come from the Soldier in need and be endorsed by a commander, senior non-commissioned officer (First Sergeant or Command Sergeant Major), or Chaplain in the Soldier’s chain of command or NCO support channel.

  • Contact information for both the requesting Soldier and endorsing Commander or SNCO (Name, rank, unit, phone, mailing address, email address).

  • The request must state the reason the Soldier requires assistance including SIGNATURES from both the Soldier and endorser.

For chapter members and chapter area veterans, requests should be made via email at and include all required information.


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