Our Community Partners
Community Partner membership is available to any organization that has an interest in supporting the United States Army.  You can increase your visibility in the military market and community partner members can attend the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., including the special Community Partner reception and luncheon recognizing your corporate support of the Army. Community Partner membership demonstrates to your community and business partners that you support the Association of the United States Army and our soldiers and families around the world.
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Tangram Flex is a purpose-driven software company. We partner with the nation’s leading defense innovators and find new ways to take on some of the toughest challenges in engineering today. Our team of developers, dreamers, and doers believes there is power in the freedom to create.


Paycor’s HR platform modernizes people management, from recruiting, onboarding and payroll to career development and retention, but what really sets us apart is our focus on leaders.

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Way Of The Mill delivers productivity on demand for CNC manufacturers of all sizes through consulting and process development services. We draw on our experiences at the highest levels of manufacturing to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost for our customers. Ready to elevate your manufacturing operation? Visit wayofthemill.com and let’s talk about your challenges.


Deardorff Appraisal Services is a full service Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Company formed in 1987 to engage in the business of Real Estate Appraisial in the Southwestern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky areas. Appraisal assignments will cover residential, multi-family, commercial and special purpose properties as well as proposed construction and vacant land.


In life-critical situations, equipment dependability is non-negotiable. Ancra Cargo designs and engineers a comprehensive family of standard and customized products and systems for cargo restraint and material handling applications for the U.S. military and its allies. Our innovative cargo restraint and material handling designs continue to set the industry standard by ensuring the highest level of safety for every military application. Ancra is ready to assist, design, and retrofit programs to meet the unique requirements of the military.


Construction is a commodity and virtually all construction companies make the same claims. We all use the latest field management technology. We all build using the best processes. We all say our people are our biggest asset and safety is our number one priority. So, what is the difference in construction companies? The difference is in How They Build. At TriVersity Construction, we never stop working on a better way. From how we communicate with our customers to how we research and develop new approaches—as good as we are, it is never good enough!

Many commercial construction companies can build—TriVersity Construction is Building A Better Way.


Why are fireworks so mesmerizing?  Is it the surprise of sudden sparks?  The heart-skipping beat of a suspense between the first flash and the final bang of radiant color, light and noise?  Or perhaps it’s the people we watch fireworks with, the traditions of togetherness they commemorate; the passage of time, and the power of community.
Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks harnesses the irresistible magic of fireworks.  For five generations, our firework display company has created award winning pyrotechnic displays that highlight our impeccable craftsmanship, emphasis on innovation and our dedicated, passionate partnerships with our clients and communities.


Supplying quality engine tooling for your fleet is only part of your job. Your most important role is keeping planes in the air, no matter what.

Rhinestahl CTS is more than a global leader in aircraft engine tooling, we are a true ally for your business. Our engineers, technicians, tooling and logistical experts bring vast knowledge of engine tooling and maintenance, and a deep understanding of the logistical and budgetary challenges of your business. That’s why our job starts long before we quote and extends long after we deliver. We customize your tooling solutions for the unique needs and workscopes of your business and we optimize your tooling maintenance to avoid unnecessary costs across the life cycle of your program. Rhinestahl CTS provides the highest quality engine tooling across the globe and brings it together with an incredibly responsive team that works every day in your best interests.


Safety is ARI-HETRA’s number one priority. Safety has always been central to the design of ARI-HETRA systems and we are industry leaders in this arena. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety for the operator, the shop equipment and the environment.

In today’s maintenance garages, heavy-duty shop equipment is required around the clock. ARI-HETRA’s strong backup service is of key importance in confronting downtime. ARI-HETRA’s warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry, is backed-up by a factory-trained service network. ARI-HETRA’s nationwide network of certified service representatives is ready to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice. ARI-HETRA has a comprehensive preventative maintenance program designed to your specific needs.